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TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot for Windows

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TinyMiner - Eve Online Mining Bot ISK Machine - Your favorite Eve Mining Bot of choice

TinyMiner is an undetectable, intelligent Eve Online Mining Bot that fattens your Eve Online wallet with billions of ISK completely on AutoPilot! This versatile EVE MINING BOT includes a free automated Warp-To-Zero Hauler Trader Route Runner and the EVE Online Ultimate ISK Guides Bonus Pack! Your Eve Mining Bot of choice boasting features such as Gate Mining, Mission Mining, POS Mining, Hostile Detection in Local Chat, Directional Scanner Monitor in Wormholes, Chat Logs and Private Messages Monitor, Mining Drones, Real Time Email Notification and Much More! This innovative Eve Online Bot will help you build your own Eve Online empire with keen features such as:

Unloading at a POS Corporate Hangar for the ultimate profit, Mining Drones for an even greater yield, Warp directly to the asteroids from bookmarks at 200km away in each belt for supreme efficiency, Monitor the Local Chat for Hostiles and Monitor the Directional Scanner in Wormholes for the ultimate peace of mind, a Jettison Can option for those boring fleet operations, a Jettison at Safe Spot option to avoid those pesky can flippers and a Gate Mining option for those juicy systems full of asteroid belts but no station thus enabling you to stay safe from suicide gankers. The new Mission Mining feature of this Eve Mining Bot is a veritable piece de resistance for stealthy miners!

TinyMiner Eve Online Mining Bot is a professionally programmed and fully tested EVE mining bot (No bugs, No errors). It is guaranteed it'll work out-of-the-box, unlike other EVE macros out there that are full of bugs and use their customers as beta-testers for the mining bot they had already paid for! The Email Notification feature of this Eve Online Mining Bot can notify you by email in real time whenever something unexpected happens in your mining session so you are always on top of things!

TinyMiner Eve Online Mining Bot is ideal for casual and hard-core Eve Online players who wish to improve their gaming experience and get ahead in the game while overcoming the tedious grind involved in the otherwise trivial task of mining asteroids.

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TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot


TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot 5.80 for PC

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